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We all loved the show. The children really enjoyed the nonsense of all the action and music. It was a valuable cultural experience. Visiting a theatre and seeing a live show is invaluable. We hope to revisit next year.

East Craigs Nursery, Adult


Heelie Go Leerie

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by Virginia Radcliffe

We meet in the playground but where have we come from and where are we going?To the moon? To the stars? And what will we find? Dragons in the dustbin? Fishes on the roof?

Set in the world of playground games and children's stories, rhymes and songs in several languages and dialects, including Scots, Heelie-go-Leerie Is an irresistible exuberant show, which celebrates the riches of childhood and the energy, wit and tenacity of children.

Children said:

“I loved the going to the moon bit. I loved doing the witch game. I loved watching the whole bit of the show Heelie go Leerie”

“The dragon sucked all the smoke. Then he disappeared. the children came out and they saw the smoke is gone and then they saw the blue sky. They were happy”.

“It’s a dragon looking at people. I liked going to the theatre. It was awful good. I liked the lights”

"I’d give it 11 out of 10!” – Ten year old

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A truly rich and original children's theatre experience….something tremendously courageous and important here, in the determination to create a show truly based on the rhythm of children's imaginations at workJoyce Macmillan, THE SCOTSMAN
You made my kids smile almost as much as Santa!Parent
Something tremendously courageous and important here, in the determination to create a show truly based on the rhythm of children's imaginations at workScotsman


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